Website for physical therapist

Arlene, a holistic physical therapist, wanted a new website to attract new patients to her blossoming practice. I opted for a serene, inviting aesthetic to reflect her unique niche and her thoughtful, creative approach to care. I directed the content strategy and site architecture, built out the SEO, imported her existing blog, and integrated her booking system for a seamless user experience.



Logo + website + more for LMT healer

Daniel, a talented multimodal healer, wanted a full design suite for his new business. For the logo, I combined a colorful starflower with chic, minimalist typography. For the website, I used directional imagery to convey hope and inspiration, and built out the content strategy and SEO. I also designed gift certificates for Daniel to use for practitioner referrals. Lastly, I set up and integrated his online booking system and professional email.



Website revamp for massage clinic

Cocoon Massage wanted to revamp a few pages on their website and sought a clean, caring, and calming aesthetic to reflect their visual brand. I advised on content strategy and created several pages that foster rapport with visitors, facilitate bookings, and highlight what makes Cocoon so special. Additionally, I built out the site's SEO and improved the user experience (UX) through audience-targeted copy, layout, and information hierarchy.



Logo + website

for therapist

Deborah at Portland Collaborative Therapy wanted a visual identity for her new practice that conveyed togetherness, support, growth, and inclusivity. To achieve this, I opted for a geometric mandala for the logo, an inclusive and calming color palette, and a clean, minimalist website with gentle plant imagery. The content guidance I provided helped Deborah fine-tune her service offerings.



Logo + website

for health coach

With this project, I created a visual brand for a pelvic therapy coaching business. I combined a traditional root chakra symbol with elegant typography to create the logo. For the website, I used a grounded, vivid color palette and optimistic imagery to instill a sense of security and hope. Robust content strategy included making the home page an integral part of the overall funnel.



Additional design projects

Packaging design

Marukan Rice Vinegar

Marukan's brewing process is thousands of years old — but their product is used by home cooks and professional chefs alike. In redesigning their packaging, I combined both modern and classical elements: a clean, energetic label shaped like a grain of rice; traditional Japanese colors; and an old-world bottle to convey Marukan's history.

Media design + ad campaign

Musician album release + tour

For her album When You Grow Up, singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn wanted album packaging, a printed ad, and a tour poster. In this suite, I aimed to capture the whimsy and innocence of childhood, the moments of imagination that fill a young mind and spirit, through a combination of matryoshka (nesting) dolls and natural elements (grass, sky).

Logo design

Urban-planning consultancy

VizEdge Design is a small consulting company specializing in urban-planning visualization projects, helping planning and engineering professionals effectively communicate their ideas. To create the company’s logo, I aimed to convey clear and simple innovation, creativity, and professionalism.

Ad campaign

Columbia ParCar

Columbia ParCar's line of street-legal electric vehicles, which closely resemble golf carts, are environmentally friendly and can be taken on city streets with speed limits up to 25 mph. People are often surprised at how fun and inexpensive they are to operate, which this ad playfully conveys.

Billboard design

Goodwill + Dell

People can feel good about donating their electronics to Goodwill because they partner with Dell to ensure their recycling process is secure and environmentally friendly. By juxtaposing “Goodwill” with the iconic Dell circle logo, this billboard sends a quick, easily-to-understand message.

Digital graphics: Ad tiles

Corporate campaigns

I created these graphics for a Fortune 50 company to promote engagement around various company-wide awareness campaigns. Topics included special events, risk management, career development, cybersecurity, diversity, community support, and more.


Strategy + planning

Visual identity + standards

Internal corporate awareness campaign

I provided art direction, copywriting, and strategy for a Fortune 50 company's internal awareness campaign about risk management, reaching 250,000+ employees. These sample program identity standards (PDF) are similar to what I created for my client. My team used this guide to create a full suite of digital and printed graphics for the campaign.

Project implementation plan

IDEO.org 'Human-Centered Design' course

I led a team of creative professionals through IDEO.org's Human-Centered Design course. This single-page (PDF) — one out of many — from our robust, eight-week project implementation plan illustrates how I approach keeping my team on track during a project and ensure we meet our deliverables on time.

Communications plan

Corporate internal website launch

To see an example of the coordinated strategy I would recommend to a client who wanted to drive employee awareness on a project, check out my sample communications plan (PDF). It aims for engagement and adoption through multiple audience touchpoints and would accompany an overarching project plan.