Websites, Design + Tech Help

for Small Businesses

Brand Refreshes • Web Styling + Maintenance •

Logos • Content Strategy • Software Setup

Is your website stressing you out?

  • Starting a new business from the ground up and unsure where to begin?
  • Does editing your website have you on the verge of rage-crying?
  • Too freaked out to edit your website in case you mess things up?
  • Want a new look for your website, logo, or overall brand?
  • Is your website on the back burner because it's just so overwhelming?

Working with a designer can resolve all of these issues — and save you from the tech headache.

I specialize in:

Web + Tech Help

  • Custom web design + styling
  • Website maintenance
  • Choosing + connecting the right URL
  • Booking software setup
  • Professional email account setup


  • Naming your business or project so that customers find you organically
  • Logos
  • Brand refreshes
  • Marketing materials


  • StoryBrand® messaging — telling the right story, to the right audience, in the right way!
  • Copywriting + content strategy
  • Professional editing
  • Blogging setup, strategy, and tools

A well-designed website can bring in customers immediately — even in a saturated market.

As an entrepreneur, you already have a million things on your plate.

The stress of building your home on the web doesn't have to be one of them.

I can help.

Montavilla Design can help with your website, graphic design, and tech needs as a small-business owner or entrepreneur.

Meghan, founder of Montavilla Design, specializing in helping small businesses with websites, graphic design, and tech support

Photography by Zoë Arnesen

Hi there! Let me guess:
You need a website for your business, but you're totally overwhelmed because you have no idea what platform to use ("Wait, should I use or!"), where to buy your domain, or what the heck hosting is — and you seriously do not have time to figure this $#!t out.
Or maybe you need a logo, and you found an awesome design but then saw three other brands using the same icon on Instagram ("nooooo!"). Meanwhile, Aunt Lorraine keeps offering to "help" because she created a flyer for a school bake sale back in 2003. ("Hard pass, Aunt Lori.")
Your time as a small-business owner is at a premium, and your focus should be on what you do best: serving your customers.
As a fellow entrepreneur, I get it. I'm here to help so that you don't have to waste another second on websites, design, or tech problems. (Can't promise to help with Aunt Lorraine, though.)
I provide experienced, trustworthy design services at reasonable rates so that you can have the confidence of knowing your work is being done by a professional, and you can get back to running your business.
I can help you with these things and more:
  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Custom HTML/CSS
  • Tech troubleshooting
  • Marketing materials (biz cards, ads, etc.)
  • Intake forms
  • Booking/scheduling software
  • Choosing + connecting your URL
  • Copywriting (what to write!)
  • Content strategy (where to put it!)
  • Editing + polishing
  • Advice on platforms, hosting, and software so that you can make the right choice for your business

Why should you work with me?

1. I have a degree in graphic design.

There's a level of expertise with a degree that you just can't get from watching YouTube videos. Amateur design mistakes — like trapped negative space, illegible typefaces, crowded menus — won't happen with me.

6. I'm an eagle-eyed editor.


5. I earned my design + writing chops at a Fortune 50 company.

I served as a Brand Steward for 10,000+ employees and led creative, design, and communications projects at a Fortune 50 company for 12 years. I know what it takes to meet stringent deadlines and work as part of a virtual team.

2. I'm an entrepreneur, too.

I left my corporate design job to become a licensed massage therapist. I understand on a personal level what it's like to be an entrepreneur. Now, I combine the insights from both of these fields to serve my clients.

3. I'm fun, dynamic, and versatile!

I can write riveting content, create a kickass website, set up your booking software, copyedit your HR handbook, and then talk your ear off about the latest season of Love is Blind. (I don't charge for that last one.)

4. I'm resourceful AF!

MailChimp not playing nice with your website? Did your custom HTML break and now nothing's working? Whatever it is, I've probably seen it before and can fix it. I know the words to use to find out how to fix it.

Ready to have a beautiful, low-maintenance website that helps your ideal customers find you quickly and easily?

Here's what you can expect.

Book your $1 consult

It's easy to book your consultation, where you'll share your business vision and goals. We'll see if we're a good fit!

Send your biz + brand info

Go through my signature brand development process, send your materials to me, and I'll craft the design of your dreams.

Get a slick new design

Breathe easy knowing your design was created by a professional with an intentional strategy tailored for your ideal customers.

See what my clients are saying

Frequently asked questions

What website platform do you recommend?

It depends on your business needs, how comfortable you are with tech in general, and how much time you want to spend maintaining your website.

For most of my clients — business owners whose time is at a premium — I recommend Squarespace, Showit, or Brizy because:

  • Websites on these platforms are beautiful, sleek, and fast-loading.
  • They're easy for you to edit.
  • They're low-maintenance and stress-free.
What about Wordpress?

You've probably heard some well-intentioned people (who are not web developers) mention Wordpress. Although Wordpress is indeed the world's most popular website platform — and even though I'm a certified Wordpress Expert — I generally don't recommend it to my entrepreneur clients.


  • It requires a lot of regular maintenance to stay up and running.
  • Non-tech folks find it challenging to make even simple edits.
  • It involves tons of moving parts that don't always play well together.
  • It's more vulnerable to hacking than other platforms.

In short, Wordpress sites create unnecessary stress for small businesses — unless you're planning on hiring dedicated tech-support staff.

Since most entrepreneurs aren't resourced for that, I believe you simply don't need the hassle of Wordpress while you're busy running your business — especially when more stress-free platforms exist, like Squarespace, Showit, and Brizy.

(If you already have a Wordpress website but need tech support, I can help. Drop me a line!)

Do you charge ongoing fees for websites?

I do not charge any ongoing fees for the websites I create.

But remember, you'll still need to pay:

  • Your domain host to keep your URL active.
  • Your hosting provider to keep your website active.

So that might look like paying NameCheap $15/year for your domain, and paying Squarespace $300/year for your website hosting. Those fees go directly to those companies, not to me. ;)

If you're interested in a Wordpress site, I encourage you to set aside a small monthly budget for ongoing tech support, which would involve regular maintenance, backups, and security checks to keep your site running like a well-oiled machine. I'm delighted to provide tech support for you, whether I built your original Wordpress site or not.

I like my existing logo, but I want to change the font/color. Can you do that?

Absolutely. If you like certain aspects of your logo but don't need a completely new, created-from-scratch design, I can help refresh your logo so that you get the look you want. Contact me for a custom quote.

Is SEO included in your websites?

Yes! If you choose my "Done-For-You Website" package, you'll get a full SEO build-out, which covers not only the behind-the-scenes SEO settings but also optimizing your website content itself.

Beyond the scope of your website, however, there are additional actions you should take to boost your SEO, which we'll talk through in one of our video chats:

  1. Make sure your site gets indexed by Google and Bing.
  2. Link to other websites, and have them link to yours.
  3. Set up your Google Business listing.
  4. Set up a Yelp page for your business.
  5. Ask for reviews from existing and former customers.
  6. Create profiles for your business on the social media platforms where your customers are already spending time (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, etc.).
  7. Blog on a regular basis. (As part of your website, I can set up a blog for you.)
What's your turnaround time?

It depends on the project but ranges from one day to a few weeks. We'll talk about your timeframe and any deadlines that you're aiming for.

Although I work on projects on a "first-come, first-served" basis, if you need to meet a quickly approaching deadline, you have the option of paying a small fee to move your project to the front of my work queue.